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Ben and Harriet's wedding day. This photo shows a close up of the couple in black and white. They're standing kissing in a romantic embrace, seen from side on. The bride is wearing a fitted white dress with a long tulle veil and the groom is wearing formal attire in a waistcoat with his white shirtsleeves rolled up.

Over the last few years we’ve travelled the length and breadth of Cornwall, Djing in rustic barns, elegant country houses and seafront hotels. We truly love experiencing these fantastic locations and getting to see our wonderful home county as part of our working week.

So you can understand how super excited we get when we are approached by a couple having their wedding reception at a venue that’s new to us, especially one that’s not even finished being built yet!

The Location

This brand new venue was Trevibban Mill Vineyard near Padstow and was set to be the location for Harriet and Ben’s Autumn wedding reception. Luckily it turned out to be one of the best new events spaces we’ve seen in the last few years.

Ben, from Newquay, found this delightfully secluded spot after searching online for new wedding venues in Cornwall.

Their big day was to be only the 2nd wedding to be held in the purpose built space and when they got in touch with us back in April, construction was still ongoing.

So we could have a look for ourselves, we made contact with Clio, Trevibban’s events and wedding co-ordinator and popped up for a site visit towards the end of July, as the build was nearing completion.

We could tell that this was going to be a great room, with floor to ceiling glass windows to let lots of natural light in and plenty of space for big sit-down wedding breakfasts or large conferences.

When the wedding day finally arrived, storm Brian was bearing down on the vineyard, but sealed away inside the warmth of the newly finished upper deck everyone was safe from the raging elements, a good test for any new reception venue!

The Music

Despite the weather outside, everyone was ready to kick up a storm on the dancefloor and get moving to the newlyweds’ playlist.

“We are far from your cheesy music couple and the last thing we want to hear on our wedding day is the YMCA or Dolly Parton! We’re really laid-back and are into indie, folk, R ‘n’ B and current stuff too! We also love Motown and our first dance will be Stevie Wonder!”

The couple’s first dance changed from Stevie Wonder to Love Really Hurts Without You by Billy Ocean nearer to the big day.

Ben and Harriet's First Dance is lit up with soft R2 events water-lights and the wedding guests are stood around the edge of the room watching the couple dancing in an embrace. The bride is looking into the groom's eyes with a big smile on her face.
Guests get together for Ben and Harriet’s First Dance.

We did however throw in their original choice during the Mowtown section at the start of the night, along with other legendary soul tunes from the likes of Jackie Wilson.

Harriet’s dad was a not so secret Sugarhill Gang fan, so how could we not play Apache and the groundbreaking Rappers Delight to keep him and the male guests “hippidy hopping”! And, when the guests request some cheese, well, what’s a DJ to do?!

Ben and Harriet's wedding guests get on the dancefloor for the Macerana. This colourful photo shows men and women in rows with their hands on their hips. In the front row is a woman in a knee-length patterned red dress with a frill around the hem that seems to shake with the music. The scene is lit up with white dots from R2 Event's dicso lights.
Cheese, what cheese? The guests wanted the Macarena after all!
Ben and Harriet's wedding guest get together for Oops Upside Your Head. A large group of guests are pictured sat on the floor in 2 rows, with their legs out straight in front of them either side of the person in front. In the front row on the left is a woman in a short red dress (she has her legs closed, don't worry!) and she's leaning to the side with her arms in the air. Other dancers are swaying to the side.
Getting down and dirty on the floor for Oops Upside Your Head…and, er, is that Ben and Harriet in the middle of all that cheese!!

The night was brought to a fitting close by the Groom and Groomsmen with some impromptu singalong action to Bohemian Rhapsody and Wonderwall, accompanied in fine voice by the remaining guests.

Ben and Harriet's wedding guests get together on the dancefloor under R2 Events' yellow disco lights, which spotlight hands in the air and one of the guest's faces. Guests are laughing and singing and virtually everyone has their hands in the air.
Hands in the air for an anthem!
Towards the end of the party at Ben and Harriet's wedding, 2 of their male guests sing and dance together. This photo is taken from behind and shows one man hugging the other. The man in front is singing, holding his arms out wide, the 2nd man is hugging him from behind - he's wearing a tie around his head! One of R2 events disco lights projects a blue, graphic pattern onto the wall.
Feeling the love!

Check out more photo’s from the day on Nick Bailey Photography’s blog

Overall a great new venue, great party guests and some great feedback from the bride and groom:

“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the work you did on Saturday night, You were a hit and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves!”

Harriet dances with two of her female wedding guests. This photo shows Harriet on the left, holding up the train of her dress and dancing towards her two friends who are arm in arm with their backs towards us. The woman in the middle is wearing a dress with a sparkly top and the woman on the right has one of R2 Events' flower patterned lights projected onto her dress. The scene is also lit with R2 Event's 'white dots' disco lights.
Couldn’t be happier!

We look forward to returning to Trevibban again in 2018 for more weddings, although hopefully in more favourable weather conditions!

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