Lianne & Rachel’s Barn Wedding at Trevenna, Cornwall

Brides Lianne and Rachel are dancing close to each other, smiling and gazing into each other's eyes in the centre of a circle of guests, holding hands. The scene is lit up with R2 Events 'white dot's' disco lights.

Here at R2 Events, we are privileged to have a great working relationship with some of the best wedding suppliers and businesses in Cornwall. Lots of these are quality wedding venues that take the time to recommend us to couples looking for a professional DJ service.

So when Lianne and Rachel got in touch with us regarding their reception at one such venue, we started to get very excited about what promised to be a fabulous Spring wedding.

The Location

Trevenna know a thing or two about weddings, with over 150 celebrations taking place each year at this luxury barn complex, tucked away between Bodmin and Liskeard on the edge of the moors at St Neot in Cornwall.

The brides chose to have their celebrations at Trevenna because it offers exclusive hire of the barns and accommodation for 2 days, meaning friends and family from both the UK and Australia could stay on site, catch up and relax.

Evening entertainment takes place in the “threshing barn” and is a fantastic space to dance the night away, ideally situated between the stunning marquee area and the all important bar!

You can get an insight into what it’s like to get married at Trevenna with a look at the highlights video of Lianne and Rachel’s special day from Dove Films

The Music

The couple’s first dance was a beautiful piano love song from Alicia Keys, aptly titled Never Felt This Way and was accompanied by plenty of gazing into each others eyes, smiling and twirling.

A portrait of the brides of a same sex wedding captured in an intimate moment on the dance-floor. The photo shows the couple from the waist up, both wearing white and gazing into each other's eyes, about to kiss.
Rachel and Lianne

Following the captivating start to the party, we increased the energy on the dancefloor, taking inspiration from the newlyweds music tastes.

Friends and family join Lianne and Rachel on the dancefloor after their first dance. The image shows guests smiling and dancing in pairs
Dancing the night away

We enjoy a good dance, love a bit of 90’s and 00’s tunes, as well as things in the charts right now, so a good mix of that would be great.

Guests on the dancefloor. This image features three women dancing together. A woman in the centre is seen from the back wearing a white lace dress with her blonde hair swinging in a ponytail. To either side of her are two guests facing the camera weearing scarlet close fitting dresses with their hands in the air and their heads thrown back. They are lit with R2 events 'white dots' disco lights.
Getting the party started!
This picture shows a large group of guests on the dancefloor. Lianne is on the right of the picture and a woman is standing beside her with a child on her hip. Rachael is in the centre of the picture wearing dark trousers, a white shirt, dark sunglasses and a wig on her head! The wig is styled like a monk's head with a bald top and a circle of hair below. To the left of the picture there are a few younger guests enjoying the music.
Rachel shows the guests how it’s done!

And a good mix is exactly what they got. with some fantastically unpredictable requests from their guests, including dropping the “sex bomb” for a Tom Jones loving grandparent!

Music and singing are obviously important to Rachel, as witnessed by her emotional vocal performance during their ceremony.

So when we were approached later in the night and asked to play “Turn Back Time”, and to hand over the microphone, we knew we were in for an awesome rendition of Cher’s classic rock ballad!

Rachel is pictured from the waist up singing with her eyes closed and playing a pink inflatable guitar. Beside her (with her back towards us) is another singer holding the microphone out to Lianne. Behind Lianne is one of R" events speakers.
Rachel sings Cher’s classic rock ballad Turn Back Time

It was obvious that these guys were totally in love with each other and having such engaging guests present helped make the night a really memorable one.

Two wedding guests, a man on the left and a young woman on the right, play inflatable instruments to each other; the man plays a guitar and the girl is 'blowing' into a saxaphone. The floor is lit up with a yellowish R2 Events wash light.
Getting into the groove with the inflatable instruments!

So who better to sum up the finale of this magical party than the couple themselves…

“A particular highlight for us both was when one of our favourite songs came on at the end of the night – All of Me by John Legend.
We danced together, our friends and family formed a circle and danced around us finishing it off with a huge group hug.
A perfect end to a perfect day, our very own love bubble!”

Lianne and Rachel's friends and family join them on the dancefloor at the end of the night for a big group hug. The image shows a tight knit group from the back with their arms around each other.
The love bubble! Rachel and Lianne’s special day finished up with a warm group hug on the dancefloor.

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