Do you require a deposit?

It is usually standard practice for a deposit to be paid to secure your venue and we ask for the same to secure our services.
Once all the arrangements are made and everyone is happy, then we will usually ask for a 20% or £50 deposit, whichever is the lesser amount. This shows both parties are serious about the booking and gives peace of mind that we have secured your date in our diary and that you are committed to having us provide your entertainment.
You will recieve an email or written receipt for any deposit paid.

How can I pay for my booking?

* BACS/bank transfer is our preferred payment option- Invoice and account details sent to you with your booking details.
* Debit/Credit card – We are able to take card payments online via our payment portal, this uses Paypal to handle the transaction meaning it is one of the most secure and reliable payment options online.
* Cash, cheque or other payment options available upon request.

What sort of music do you play?

We welcome you to decide the style of music required for your event in the first instance, but we are just as happy for you to leave it to our experience and understanding of different audiences to choose music to suit the crowd and mood.
We have a core music database containing the most popular songs from the 1920’s right through to the latest chart releases and additionally we have a larger collection of less popular music which we can draw from if required. We like to think that we have the majority of music decades, styles and genres covered within these collections And our experience within the industry allows us to choose the perfect selection of music to suit the style and mood of the event you have planned.

Can I request music selections in advance of my event?

Of course, we are always happy to take specific requests before any event, this can be anything from just a single song to a full event playlist. We have our core music database available online for you and your guests to choose the music you want and have it automatically emailed to us. We are also happy to take requests via email, text or over the telephone, or during any face to face meetings.
We ask that any requests are sent at least 10 days in advance of the event to allow us to compile the music list in good time.
If on the rare occasion that there happens to be a song you request that we currently don’t have in our music databases, we will endeavour to track down and purchase a copy, however if this proves impossible then we will always let you know.

Can music requests be taken during the event?

We will ask you at the planning stage if this is an option you wish to have, usually this is something the event organiser will decide is ok, but on occasion, such as weddings when a strict playlist is decided in advance then it might be an option you don’t want to have.
When taking requests during an event, we will usually have our larger database of music with us on laptop so that we can be flexible at dealling with any requests.
We do however have the final say in what requests actually get played, we will have already discussed with you how you want your event to sound and it is our job to adhere to this. For instance, if you are planning a childrens party, we will use our music knowledge to politely turn down any requests that might have offensive content. Equally at your 60th birthday party where you have gone for a retro feel, any requested hardcore dance music wouldnt be particularly appropriate!

What areas/distances do you cover?

We are based in Redruth in Cornwall and are happy to travel across the county to places such as Camborne, Falmouth, Truro, Newquay, Helston, Hayle, St Ives, Penzance, St Austell or further afield if required.
We are also able to travel out of the county in to Devon and through the rest of the United Kingdom should there be a specific event that you would like us to help with.
Obviously the further we travel from our home location, the cost of transport will increase. However, there won’t be any hidden surprises, as we are transparent and include any extra travel expense in any quote we give up front.

How far in advance will you arrive to set up and when will you leave after the event?

Each event location and venue is different and so our arrival, set-up and take-down times will vary, but will be indicated within any quotation you recieve from us.
As a general rule of thumb though, we say to allow an hour before the required performance time to allow us to set-up and half an hour after the end of the event to pack away.
Actual arrival time at the venue will be dependant on other points like availability of parking and ease of access to the venue, but we will ensure that everything is ready to start at the time we have discussed.

What are the requirements for the area you are setting up in?

Ideally we would need a space of around 3M by 2M (approx 10ft by 6.5ft) as a minimum to safely install our equipment and sound and lighting systems. We are aware that this is sometimes not possible at smaller venues and we will always discuss the set up arrangements with you or the venue owner in advance to eliminate any problems.
Power should be available from at least 2 13amp 240V sockets within easy reach of the set-up area.
It should also be a safe area to work within, so no obvious hazzards on the floor or hanging overhead that could prove harmful to our staff.

If setting up outdoors, cover is required for our equipment in case of bad weather, this can either be supplied by the event organiser such as a marquee, or with prior arrangement, we can bring along small gazeebo style coverings for the equipment.
Electricity supplied to any outdoor event should be from a safe source of power, if coming from a generator it is important to ensure it is adequately earthed and that the electricity is a “clean” supply that wont damage sensitive electrical equipment.