Silent Disco


Hey, what’s that sound?
It’s the sound of silence…

It might be all quiet on the dance floor, but wrapped around your ears is a pair of our silent disco headphones, wirelessly beaming the party straight to your head!

With the hire of our high-tech headset and transmitter packages, you and your guests will soon be dancing to the beat of any one of 3 separate music channels, easily switched with the flick of a button.

Grandparents want some Mowtown? Kids want cheesy pop? You’re into something alternative and want some rock?
Simple, get them to select the appropriate channel and watch as the headsets light up and flash red, green or blue depending on their chosen soundtrack

It won’t just be the headphones colour that gives away what they’re listening to, prepare for the enjoyment of witnessing a room full of dancers moving to 3 different tempos and rythyms at the same time!

All this without the need to setup a big sound system. It’s as simple as plugging into one or more of the three supplied transmitters, turn on the headsets, hit play and the wireless action starts.

Transmitters are easy to use with any music device with a standard headphone or phono/AUX socket (Airplay compatible for Apple devices without headphone sockets).
Headphones come fully charged and last easily for several hours before needing a top-up with the supplied charging unit.

As well as the headphones being rechargeable, it’s even possible to use our battery powered transmitters, ideal for when you want to throw a party outdoors, on a beach, or other location without electricity.

Collect your silent disco hire package from us in Redruth or we can deliver and setup for you across Cornwall.

Great for:

  • Weddings and parties that have guests with varying music tastes
  • Venues that don’t have space for, or allow amplified music
  • Private parties when you don’t want to disturb the neighbours
  • Corporate presentations and exhibitions
  • Outdoor cinemas


DJ + Silent Disco Add-on

Our wireless headsets make a great addition to any of our DJ packages.

Your venue might have restrictions on sound levels, but you still want to have the skills and expertese of a professional DJ controlling the music. It’s easy to achieve with the silent DJ option, the sound system just gets replaced with the headsets.

It could be that you want the full DJ, plus sound and lighting option, but would like headsets for older wedding guests, or a chill-out area away from the louder volume of the dancefloor.

Our systems offer plenty of flexibility with multiple options available, so please do contact us with your ideas.